Clementina Intero 24GE90



Clementina is strapless, full-length swimming costume featuring a rigid insert that gives it a distinctive U-shaped neckline.
The silicone insert inside the upper edge makes it perfectly fixed and adherent to the bust, preventing it from dropping despite the absence of straps

Fit and Sizes



Brilliant plain fabric. The weave is lightweight and provides flexibility and elasticity. Durable, water- and sunlight-resistant, quick-drying fabric. Elastic and flexible, it retains its shape and adapts to every physique

Composition and washing

80% Polyamide; 20% Elastan
Take care care of your Wikini, we always recommend hand washing in warm water


Wikini constantly strives to create a product that is beautiful but also mindful of our planet. Our distinctive jars are made of 100% recycled Pet. We also use more eco fabrics for composition of our items, so as to encourage ecological transition.

Shipping and Delivery

We use UPS courier to ship worldwide. Shipping time changes according to destination country of delivery.